Spiroflow FLOWWhen it comes to conveyors for dry bulk solids, whether in powder, granule, flake, pellet or lump in bulk quantities or as minor additives, Spiroflow Systems offers a customized manufacturing solution, such as its new CABLEflow™ tubular cable and DYNAFLOW™ tubular chain drag conveyors. Designed for gentle handling applications and installations requiring conveying in multiple planes, CABLEflow™ aero-mechanical conveyors operate with reduced clearances and running speeds. They can transfer friable bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points with little or no damage. In contrast, the DYNAFLOW™ mechanical drag conveyor system operates within the confines of a pipe. However, the discs that move material along the pipe, connected by articulated metal links (chains), are intended for heavy-duty applications. The discs can be made from various materials, including steel and cast iron, which enables them to operate at temperatures up to 482oF (250oC). Benefits of both tubular drag conveyors include:

  • Totally enclosed, dust-free, contamination-free handling.
  • Operation in 3 planes to permit complex circuits and eliminate transfer points, while using only a single drive.
  • Minimal energy consumption.
  • The flexibility to handle hot, cold, wet, dry, hygroscopic or temperature-sensitive materials.
  • No need for filters or cyclones to separate air and material since no additional air is introduced into the system.
  • Gentle conveying and minimal product attrition.