MARTIN Idler AlignerMartin Engineering recently unveiled its new MARTIN® conveyor idler aligner with a safe and effective method to manually fine-tune OEM-style self-adjusting idlers. The idler aligner further grants:

  • Precise adjustment, using a handle and comb for course modification, with slots for finer tuning. 
  • A slotted comb to produce a range of incremental adjustment settings (±7.5°) for consistent performance. 
  • Course adjustments of ±2.5° when the handle floats freely on top of the locking bar.
  • Prevention of uneven wear, belt/structure damage and material spillage due to a misaligned conveyor belt.
  • A locking bar that features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access and handle movement. 
  • Elimination of the need to tie off idlers to the surrounding structure to improve safety.
  • The flexibility to mount the aligner bracket to most manufacturers’ self-aligning idlers.  
  • Quick and easy installation — a 1-person job requiring no measuring, cutting or heavy lifting. 
  • Availability in stainless steel construction.