Kaman KD-2306Kaman recently unveiled its KD-2306 non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument with a resolution down to 10 nm and speeds up to 50 kHz. The KD-2306 also features:

  • Balanced bridge, inductive eddy current technology that takes high-precision static and dynamic measurements.
  • A multiple high-gain output with easy calibration and synchronization.
  • The support of ambient, moderate-temperature and cryogenic-rated sensors.
  • The flexibility to sense both ferrous and non-ferrous metal targets. 
  • Sensing ranges from 0.02 to 2.4 inches with a 0.01 percent full-scale resolution or better and a non-linearity as little as 0.25 percent full scale. 
  • User synchronization without accessing the internals. 
  • Coarse and fine calibration potentiometers.
  • 30 sensor models, including single- and dual-coil, shielded and unshielded designs. 
  • DIN rail-mount packaging for easy integration into equipment and industrial control applications. 
  • RoHS compliance and a CE marking for the electronics, sensor and interconnecting cable.