Cyclonaire CBCyclonaire Corp. combines automatic batching, blending, loading and conveying functions in its CB Series blend conveyor system, thereby minimizing your per-project equipment needs and expenses. Designed to batch and blend 2 or more free-flowing powdered, granular or pelletized dry bulk solids that have similar characteristics or bulk density, according to the company, this semi-dense system further delivers:

  • Automatic initiation of the cycle to thoroughly mix the ingredients after they have all been added.
  • Cycling to positive pressure for conveying the recipe to a further mixing operation, to combine with other products, to packaging or to load out.
  • The ability to easily control and maintain average material transport velocity between 50 and 800 FPM, depending on the application.
  • Multiple inlets, along with the flexibility to blend dry bulk solids from different sources, such as a bulk bag unloader, bag dump station or another source, using programmed ratios by weight for high-batch accuracy.
  • Line velocities and material-to-air ratios that minimize both abrasive wear and particle degradation.
  • Low levels of product degradation or particle damage.
  • Reliable medium-pressure blower air and a proprietary Venturi to vacuum load the integral transfer vessel.
  • Load cells built into the frame to weigh ingredients as they are added.
  • An easy-to-program touch-screen controller, which monitors ingredient loading and adjusts flow rates to achieve required ingredient weights, in a NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Safe and efficient processing of dry bulk, agricultural, food, and industrial products, including dry milk powder and other foods.