CONCOA 642CONCOA introduces its new 642 Series IntelliSwitch II integrated gas management system with continuous pressure and flow control from liquid can or high-pressure cylinder sources. The fully automatic IntelliSwitch IIfurther comes with:

  • Control that can be selected with the push of a button or remotely with proprietary I-LINK? communication.
  • An onboard Web server with embedded software for remote diagnostics and real-time process control. 
  • Proven software logic that lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid can vent loss and excess residual return.
  • Integrated Ethernet connectivity for seamless network integration.
  • E-mail notification for 24/7 system monitoring.
  • Low-loss technology to reduce residual return.
  • An electronic economizer to eliminate liquid can vent loss.
  • An internal-balance stem-line regulator to ensure total process control. 
  • Brass bar stock regulator and valve bodies, Neoprene and Viton® valve seats, PTFE and Viton® seals, and a NEMA 4 powder-coated steel enclosure. 
  • A 40-micron filter.
  • A maximum inlet pressure of 3,000 PSI (210 BAR).
  • Suitability for applications including argon, nitrogen and oxygen in the primary steel industry; argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in metal fabrication; and nitrogen and oxygen in the chemical and the refining industries.