Aerodyne GPCAccording to Aerodyne, its GPC cyclone dust collector solves the problem of limited floor space or overhead clearance, yet are just as efficient as dust collectors 1.5 to 2 times its size. Other features include:

  • The power to reduce particulate emissions at processing plants, reclaim useful material from air/gas waste streams or as a pre-filter in front of baghouse filters.
  • A spiral inlet to direct the dirty gas stream toward a ground-plate above the hopper.
  • A ground plate that forces vortex reversal to occur in a much shorter space, eliminating the need for a long tapered body, and shields collected particulate from the forces of the vortex reversal.
  • The deflection of fine particulate that has not made it to the dust collector into the hopper. 
  • Suitability for a variety of dry materials, such as sawdust, sand, plastics, cereal/grain and more.
  • Availability in horizontal or vertical configurations.