Zoneworks Door BlanketZONEWORKS now offers the insulated DOOR BLANKET — a quick and affordable way to protect temperature-controlled items and finished products from the threat of spoilage or irreparable damage that occurs when powered doors on coolers or freezers unexpectedly shut down. The DOOR BLANKET also delivers:

  • The elimination of air exchange at the door opening when an air or automated door on a cooler or freezer doesn’t close for any reason, including the loss of electrical power to the facility or another maintenance-related issue.
  • The ability to allow coolers and freezers to maintain consistent temperatures by virtue of its highly durable industrial fabric that surrounds multiple layers of recyclable, anti-microbial polyester batting.
  • A portable storage bag to facilitate storage.
  • A custom-designed fit for each individual door opening.
  • Your choice from a wide selection of fabric colors.
  • Readily available industry specialists to provide on-site design consultation and complete drawings, as well as turnkey project support and installation coordination.