Cyclonaire ValvesCyclonaire has built its new pinch diverter valves for obstruction-free flow of dry materials conveyed under pressure in dilute, semi-dense and dense-phase pneumatic systems. The valves also grant:

  • The direction of material to 2 different destinations or the combination of material flows from 2 different sources.
  • The ability to handle convey pressures up to 85 PSIG.
  • Flanged, plain or grooved pipe connections with integral pressure switches that indicate flow direction.
  • Diameters from 2 to 12 inches.
  • Standard features that include control air filter/regulator, 2 solenoids and double-wall construction for extended service life.
  • The flexibility to be adapted for specific applications, and configured to a specific angle of divergence or convergence.
  • Availability of rubber sleeves in pure gum rubber, white neoprene for food-grade applications or high-temperature rubber.