Cleanable magnetic rods Keller Products, Inc.According to Keller Products, Inc., cleanable magnetic rods greatly extend the life of filter bags when filtering iron or steel particles. Bag filters, widely used to remove chips and fine particles from coolant or cutting oil, tend to blind rapidly when cast iron or certain types of steel are machined. The new permanent rare earth magnetic rods:

  • Are easily installed in existing bag filters.
  • Extend the life of filter bags by five times or more.
  • Are sized for a #4, #1, or #2 bag filter.
  • Are simply placed inside the filter bag — no installation hardware required.
  • Have neoprene rubber bumpers at each end to prevent damaging the filter bag.
  • Use an external stainless steel sleeve, which collects the magnetic particles and slides off the magnet to drop the collected particles into a waste metal container leaning.