Intertec BASIC VARIOINTERTEC facilitates environmental protection of larger-scale instrumentation installations with its new range of highly insulated outdoor enclosures. BASIC VARIO wall- or floor-mounted enclosures are highlighted by:

  • A unique sandwich-construction technique with glass-reinforced polyester skins enclosing a thick layer of insulating foam.
  • A thermal conductivity value rating of ~1.5W/m2K and the acceptance of high equipment loads.
  • Protection against frost and condensation, while providing regulated temperature environments for sensitive field instrumentation.
  • A high resistance to weather and the corrosive effects of aggressive chemicals.
  • A large hinged door (with or without windows) that provides easy access to the interior space.
  • Flexible tube and cable entry through the rear or any of the 4 sides. 
  • Flat exterior surfaces free of any overhanging edges, allowing enclosures to be packed side by side or on top of each other.
  • A rectangular-shaped enclosure in 3 standard sizes — 41.3 by 25.2, 41.3 by 33.1 or 41.3 by 40.9 inches (105 by 64, 105 by 84 or 105 by 104 cm) with a depth of 13.8 inches (35 cm) — although custom sizes are available, too.
  • Compliance with the IP65 ingress protection standard, in addition to Type 4X approval pending.
  • Ideal suitability for applications in chemical, oil and gas plants.