AST5400American Sensor Technologies presents its AST5400 wet/wet differential pressure sensor to measure line pressures up to 2,000 PSI with a turndown ratio of 15 to 1. Developed to bring the features of differential pressure sensors to the process industry market, this micro electro-mechanical system pressure sensor incorporates:

  • The ability to measure differential pressure across a filter, monitor levels in a sealed or vented tank or calculate flow across an orifice plate. 
  • The flexibility to use the sensor to monitor system performance and trends in applications requiring a high turn-down and high cycle performance. 
  • Krystal Bond™ technology, which doesn’t contain any silicone oil, O rings or welds.  The complete isolation of media to the pressure ports, thus eliminating contamination risks. 
  • A low strain level on the diaphragm, resulting in accurate, repeatable measurements. 
  • Alarm functions that can be added through most controllers, thus making the switch obsolete.
  • Digital compensation for optimal linearity and performance over temperature. 
  • High line pressure capabilities.
  • Installation into systems without 5-way equalization valves.