The JOFRA™ RTC-158 and RTC-250 dry-block reference temperature calibrators from AMETEKAMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments has added the JOFRA™ RTC-158 and RTC-250 to its line of dry-block reference temperature calibrators. Both calibrators combine a liquid bath and large diameter insert, and are designed to calibrate odd sizes and shaped sensors or multiple sensors at once. Features include:

  • A Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) system for perfect temperature uniformity in the insert no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed.
  • Intelligent sensors for plug ‘n’ play connectivity.
  • Full-color 5.7-inch VGA display.
  • A temperature range of –22° to 155°C (–8° to 311°F) for the RTC-158 and 28° to 250°C (82° to 482°F) for the RTC-250.
  • A 160 mm (6.3 inch) deep well with a diameter of 63.5 mm (2.5 inch), which is twice the size of any other dry-block calibrator.
  • Multi-hole insert kits that cover most commonly known sensor sizes.
  • A highly functional carrying case.

Three models are available:

  • RTC — a reference temperature calibrator.
  • RTC-B — a reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors-under-test.
  • RTC-C — a reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor and DLC sensor.