RheoSense m-VROC 2.5According to RheoSense, its m-VROC 2.5 viscosity measurement analytical system has many advantages over conventional rotational and cone-and-plate viscometers, including accuracy, repeatability and ongoing cost effectiveness. The m-VROC 2.5, a complete measurement system, comes equipped with:

  • A VROC chip that measures the viscosity of a liquid flowing through a fully contained microfluidic cell, thus eliminating air interface.
  • Automatic chip recognition and closed-loop temperature control — for more control of the test environment, an optional air purge unit and a Peltier chiller can be added.
  • The flexibility to analyze virtually any liquid viscosity value, Newtonian and non-Newtonian.
  • Enhanced mechanical and electronic interfaces, making it easier to capture, view and record viscosity measurements.
  • A wide measurement range (0.1- to 100,000-cP viscosity) and high shear rates.
  • Accuracy with small sample volumes.
  • Portability of the compact system, which easily transports from a laboratory to a production line for critical measurements.