igus TwisterBandigus® recently developed its compact TwisterBand TB30 cable carrier system to turn through 3,000 degrees in minimal space. According to the company, the TwisterBand not only guides energy, data and media with little wear, but it also comes with:  

  • Rapid rotating movements up to 3,000 degrees, depending only on the belt length or design height in the axis of rotation.
  • The power to stay close to the axis — even at high rotating speeds.
  • Smaller masses, which signify lower centrifugal forces and possible rotary speeds up to 720 degrees/second.
  • A compact, modular design that lends itself to safe use in horizontal or vertical installation positions.
  • A lightweight, easy-to-use polymer cable carrier.
  • An injection-molded chain with easy access links, allowing users to simply press in cables and hoses through split openings.
  • Suitability for robotics supplying 1 and 6 axes in special machine construction, handling, lifting, assembly equipment and more.