ROTEX plastic pellet screenerROTEX Global presents its plastic pellet screener for compounders who require efficient removal of off-size material without losing good, on-spec pellets. According to the company, the screeners further grant:

  • The removal of oversized and long pellets as a result of a long, positive-displacement stroke and gyratory motion that spreads pellets across the full width without vertical action or hop, so longs, toothpicks and jack straws remain flat rather than upending.
  • Quick deck access and changeover between batches.
  • Perforated plate decks that are easy to disassemble without tools, so routine cleanouts for color changes require less than 10 minutes.
  • A counterbalanced drive to ensure effective vibration isolation, plus a patented dual velocity drive to accelerate discharge of longs.
  • Variable-frequency pneumatic tappers to clean the pre-tensioned perforated plate screen frame without the use of mesh cleaning balls.
  • A low speed to reduce noise.
  • Availability with a blinding control system.
  • Casters that make the machine portable and easy to move off-line if specified.