Thompson OVTAccording to Thompson Pump, its oil-less vacuum technology priming system permits a basic pump to prime automatically and more efficiently for lower maintenance, higher air handling and faster priming. Moreover, the OVT system offers:

  • Sizes from 4 to 18 inches.
  • Flows to 11,000 GPM.
  • Air handling to 97 CFM.
  • 28.4 inHg vacuum capacity.
  • High heads to 350 feet.
  • Solids handling up to 4 inches.
  • The Enviroprime® system.
  • Dry-running capabilities — no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the pump chamber.
  • Non-contacting rotors that eliminate internal wear for longevity and low life-cycle costs.
  • Air cooling — no water levels to check and no oil system to maintain.
  • Suitability for solids and liquids.
  • The power to maintain vacuum at lower speeds.
  • The elimination of oil pollution and smoke.
  • Accommodations to be easily added to any Thompson centrifugal pump.
  • Low maintenance — the unit only requires servicing at 20,000-hour intervals.
  • No decrease in performance over time.
  • Availability of electric- or diesel-driven models, automatic start/stop controls for fuel savings and Silent Knight® sound attenuation.