Krohne Waterflux 3070KROHNE introduces its WATERFLUX 3070 electromagnetic water meter for applications in the water and wastewater industry. According to the company, the a magnetic-inductive meter is also characterized by:

  • A 15-year battery life that makes it ideally suited to applications where no power is available.
  • Power consumption that is about 5,000 times less than a comparable line-powered electromagnetic flowmeter.
  • The ability to indicate status or diagnostic conditions, such as battery life or less than full pipe conditions.
  • An accurate measurement of ± 0.2 percent (±1.5 mm/second).
  • A lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters.
  • A Rilsan®-lined metal tube, which is capable of withstanding high pressure.
  • Coils that are arranged to form a strong, uniform magnetic field, so the measurement is independent of flow profile.
  • The flexibility to be installed in very narrow wells and chambers.
  • Availability of sensors from 1 to 24 inches (DN 25 to DN 600).
  • An optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information, plus a data logger to store all data, including peak flow and low flow during the night.