KNF N920KNF Neuberger presents its N920 Series diaphragm vacuum pumps to transfer, evacuate or compress air, gases and vapors, and deliver higher flow at low absolute vacuum levels. The modular N920 Series additionally offers:

  • A diaphragm stabilization system that optimizes suction speed, especially in the low-vacuum range.
  • A high level of gas tightness to 6 x 10-3 MBAR L/second, flow rates up to 21 L/minute, a vacuum of 1.5 MBAR absolute and a maximum continuous pressure of 0.5 BAR(g). 
  • The flexibility to adjust flow rates to meet the particular requirements of a process by integrating an optional potentiometer or specifying an external analog signal to alter motor speed.
  • The minimization of dead volume in the pumping chamber for improved end-vacuum.
  • A manifold block head to eliminate the need for external connections, providing protection against leaks.
  • A universal AC input, or brush-commutated or brushless DC. 
  • Oil-free operation to retain the purity of the pumped medium.
  • Configurability for operation in any position.
  • Suitability for a range of analysis, monitoring and production applications.
  • The versatility to choose from a variety of standard materials, performances, voltages, frequencies and accessories (including noise filters and hose connectors).