Agitator hopper from National Bulk EquipmentDesigned specifically for handling bulk materials known to generate combustible dust, this agitator hopper from National Bulk Equipment is constructed with explosion protection and control features. This agitator hopper also offers:

  • An explosion venting system, calculated on a Kst value of 170 and Pmax of 9.5, to direct and release overpressure to prepared areas.
  • Thorough material conditioning using dual counter-rotating agitator shafts, each with a proprietary blade design that directs material toward the center discharge.
  • Hermetically sealed load cells, integrated into the system’s automation controls, that signal the unit to supply prepared material to downstream processes on a loss-in-weight basis.
  • Reinforced walls and a reinforced cover.
  • An internal pressure rating of 4.5 PSI.
  • A100-cubic-foot capacity.
  • National Bulk Equipment expertise in specifying, designing and manufacturing process systems to application-appropriate domestic and international codes, standards and regulations.