Hawk GladiatorHawk Measurement has unveiled its Gladiator Series acoustic switch, which incorporates acoustic wave technology in a new sender/receiver form for blocked chute detection, point level detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery. Featuring non-contact, self-cleaning technology, the Gladiator further grants:

  • An amplifier that powers 2 acoustic wave transducers, which use Hawk software to pulse and receive each other’s acoustic echoes.
  • The power to immediately detect the presence/absence change of the return signal when the path between the transducers is blocked, and trigger a communications relay for indication or control purposes.
  • The flexibility of the transducers to work either together or independently to detect pulse interference, allowing twice the application security.
  • Self-cleaning functionality in which the power of each pulse (pressure wave) blows water, moisture and buildup off the face of the diaphragm.
  • Continuous operation in dusty or wet environments.
  • Simple 1-minute setup, as well as a remote test function.
  • Communication options that include GosHawk, Modbus, HART, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.