Forston LabNavigatorForston Labs presents its LabNavigator as a powerful and intuitive hand-held analytical meter for the lab, plant or field. It offers:

  • Data collection from a range of sensor types, such as pH, ORP, ISE, colorimeter, turbidity, spectrophotometer, conductivity, TDS, salinity, force or impact, gas detection, soil moisture and many more.
  • The ability to input methods or instructions for easy reference, collect data from the sensors, analyze the data, review protocols and record notes in voice or typed format directly into 1 instrument, while using up to 6 different types of sensors simultaneously. A GPS function that allows users to streamline reporting and record time/date stamps with location (latitude, longitude and elevation) for each data point collected.
  • NavPilot™ software, which shows collection points on Google Maps, improving visualization and interpretation of field results.
  • The capability to export analysis and data to Excel.
  • The flexibility to perform linear and curve fits, draw a prediction line before collecting data, display multiple graphs at once, display a tangent line on the graph, get peak integration or baseline adjustments, etc.
  • A vivid color touch screen, in addition to real-time graphing capabilities in a handheld device.
  • The inclusion of an interface, electrode amplifier, temperature probe, USB cable, USB storage device, AC power adapter, NavPilot data analysis software and NavCoPilot™ method development software.