Universal Flow SNUniversal Flow Monitors has upgraded its SN Series variable-area lubrication meter with a compact, non-contact magnetically coupled transmitter, which can be used to replace a potentiometer. Introduced in this small vane-style meter for circulating lubrication oil, the transmitter gives the SN Series greater durability, while incurring less costs, according to the company.  The SN vane-style meters further deliver:

  • Flows from 0.5 GPH to 20 GPM (2 LPH to 75 LPM).
  • The flexibility to be used for situations in which local flow indication and mechanical flow switching with a pot-driven 4- to 20-mA transmitter are desired.
  • A combination aluminum/nylon body, Viton® seals and stainless steel internal moving parts. 
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance. 
  • Your choice of mounting in line or in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required.  No bypass required for maintenance. 
  • Ratings for all classes, divisions and groups of hazardous locations.