Oden PRO/FILLOden Corp. presents the PRO/FILL 3000 dual-lane liquid filler, which is equipped with a new servo-controlled nozzle lowering system that allows nozzles to dive into a container within millimeters of the container bottom with repeatability and accuracy. This fully automatic in-line liquid filling machine grants:

  • Precise servo-controlled repeatable nozzle positioning during filling.
  • No-drip filling of foamy and non-foamy, low- to high-viscosity products.
  • Increased output with the dual-lane offset indexing system.
  • 2 offset timing screw indexing systems.
  • A 15-inch color touch-screen HMI and Oden controls.
  • Quick changeover.
  • Easy product setup.
  • Suitability for filling a wide range of products and container sizes.
  • Availability of a Class 1, Div. 1, Group D explosion-proof configuration for use in hazardous environments.