Phoenix Industrial ModemPhoenix Contact’s expanded line of industrial modems now provides more options for remote communication with machines and systems. A new DSL modem and a cellular modem join the company’s analog modems, making it easier to share data in remote control, SCADA and automatic alarming applications. According to the company, the system grants:

  • The transmission of Ethernet and I/O data over the mobile phone network.
  • The capability to send digital or analog data as SMS text messages for remote alarming. An integrated firewall and VPN that ensure reliable protection from manipulation and data theft.
  • The ability of the DSL modem to transmit data up to 30 Mbps at distances reaching 10 km (6 miles).
  • Serial, Profibus or Ethernet data communication over existing copper cables.  
  • The integration of remote external stations and substations into a private network.
  • Web-based management for easy configuration and integrated safety functions.
  • A reduction in installation cost and start-up time as a result of using current infrastructure.
  • A rugged housing designed for industrial use.