KNF N838 PumpAccording to KNF, its Type N838 diaphragm vacuum pumps for handling air and gases not only deliver quiet, smooth-running operation in a compact package, but also:

  • A closed compressor housing designed to minimize noise (while an optional silencer can also be specified for applications requiring extremely quiet operation).
  • The power to achieve flow rates up to 42 LPM per head under atmospheric conditions, ultimate vacuum of 100 MBAR ABS. (27 in. Hg) and a maximum continuous pressure of 7 PSIG.
  • Oil-free operation to retain the purity of the pumped medium.
  • A multi-port valve system that integrates a circular valve disc spanning several smaller holes (instead of 1 large hole) to minimize deformation from stress, resist damage from condensate, and promote enhanced flow and increased efficiency.
  • An FEA-designed structured molded diaphragm to eliminate the metal clamping disc that can become a source for leakage or corrosion in conventional pump models.
  • Single- or multi-stage installation powered by AC, DC or brushless DC motors.
  • Suitability for a range of high-capacity applications.
  • The versatility to choose from a variety of standard materials, performances, voltages, frequencies and accessories (including noise and dust filters, hose connectors, and shock mounts) to meet particular application demands.