Balluff IP67 CC-Link I/O modulesBalluff’s networking product line now includes a full I/O and RFID connectivity solution for a CC-Link fieldbus network. Typically, IP20 I/O modules reside in costly and bulky enclosures. Due to the need of terminating all I/O points, these solutions are very costly and labor intensive. This can be simplified by using Balluff IP67 CC-Link I/O modules and supporting cordsets by placing the modules near the concentration of sensors and actuators. The smaller footprint and ease of setup helps reduce installation material costs and labor, as well as decrease maintenance troubleshooting and repairs. The CC-Link features:

  • Unique push-button display for easy configuration right at the block.
  • IP67 metal housing.
  • Ports that accept 2-wire or 3-wire inputs.
  • A full range of network and auxiliary power cordsets.
  • Full line of accessories.
  • RFID data tracking.
  • Support for both ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 13.56MHz based RFID data carriers.