Abanaki Grease GrabberAbanaki Corp. has specially designed the Grease Grabber® oil skimmer for the harsh conditions of the steel-making industry in which heavy greases and oils accumulate in the steel-mill scale pit. According to the company, the Grease Grabber® is an economical method for removing grease from steel mill wastewater and recirculating water systems, eliminating the cost of sucker truck disposal and protecting expensive sand filtration systems. This oil skimmer system additionally provides:

  • A continuously operating belt and wiper that can remove up to 160 GPH of grease and oil.
  • An oil-filled gear reducer with bronze gears and ball bearings to drive pressure rolls with tractor treads that rotate the belt, elevating skimmed grease more than 100 feet.
  • A heated hopper to keep grease flowing in cold outdoor temperatures.
  • The maintenance of skimming efficiency with a fluctuating fluid level.
  • Effective performance in turbulent liquids.
  • Unattended operation with little maintenance.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and a powder-coated finish.
  • A footprint of only 1 by 2 -1/2  feet of tank space.
  • Compliance with government requirements for water discharge.