Forston NavSpec PlusForston Labs recently released the NavSpec™ Plus spectrophotometer + fluorometer that allows users to collect a full wavelength spectrum (absorbance, percent transmittance or intensity) in less than 1 second. According to the company, once the peak wavelength is determined, users can easily determine the concentration of a solution or monitor rates of reaction. The unit comes with a spectrophotometer/fluorometer, a USB?cable for sending data to a LabNavigator and 15 plastic cuvettes with lids. Moreover, the NavSpec Plus can:

  • Measure absorbance, percent transmittance, emissions spectra or fluorescence.
  • Conduct Beer's law investigations.
  • Execute kinetic studies of absorbance vs. time.
  • Perform equilibrium studies of absorbance vs. time or absorbance vs. concentration.
  • Run experiments on enzyme kinetics.
  • Administer colorimetric or fluorescent bioassays
  • Measure emissions of gas discharge tubes, flame tests or other light sources, using the optical fiber accessory (sold separately).
  • Span the optical range of 380 to 950 nm (VIS-NIR) with an optical resolution of 2.5 nm.