Sure Seal LBFSure Seal recently announced that the tapered-seat design of its LBF Series lined butterfly valves has been patented. According to the company, the tapered-seat design not only delivers a butterfly valve that requires lower torque in all services, but also improves seat integrity and the service life of the valve. The LBF Series also grants:

  • Spherically molded and machined wide-liner sealing surfaces that are securely anchored within the faces of the valve body by a series of concentric serrations, resulting in the reduction of radial cold flow.
  • A 360° non-wetted, radially loaded elastometric energizer to provide uniform pressure to the outer circumference of the liner and disc, ensuring a bubble-tight shutoff.
  • The elimination of deflection problems and improved flange-sealing properties.
  • Compatibility of the disc swing with PTFE or other fluoropolymer-lined piping systems, as well as metallic, lined and non-metallic piping systems, eradicating the need for spacers during installation.
  • Standard Dupont NXT molecularly enhanced Teflon® liner, with the flexibility to opt for PFA, UHMWPE, ETFE (Tefzel) or PVDF liners, or the PFA/ProTef disc/liner, which provides corrosion resistance due to its molecularly enhanced PTFE construction.
  • PFA, UHMWPE, PVDF, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C or titanium disc materials.
  • Availability in 12 different sizes — from 2 to 24 inches.
  • Suitability for demanding applications in corrosive, sanitary and ultra-pure processes, especially the handling of products native to the chlorine gas, chlor-alkali, petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, mining, pulp and paper, wastewater and agriculture industries.
  • ANSI or DIN configurations.