Meese Ship ShapeThe reusable MOD P-433 Ship Shape™ bulk container from Meese Orbitron Dunne incorporates an internal tic-tac-toe pattern design that allows product to fill recessed areas around and below the forks to lower the center of gravity vs. pallets, which require loads to be set atop the forks. The bulk container additionally provides:

  • Better control of lift truck payloads to reduce the risk of tipping and guard against accidents by bringing the center of gravity closer to the forks.
  • A uniform wall thickness that is stronger, yet 59 percent thinner than most pallet deckboards to further reduce the distance the payload sits from the forks.
  • Ideal suitability for the storage and transport of loose, dry, granular products.
  • Construction from 100 percent waterproof polyethylene for strength, rigidity and long life.
  • The capacity for payloads up to 700 pounds without pallets or bases.
  • Convenient, 4-way lift truck access on a standard 44- by 44-inch footprint.
  • A stackable profile when covered to cube out trailers and nests when empty for efficient storage and return transport.
  • Availability in 16 standard colors, plus optional custom colors.