DENSO VP-G2 six-axis articulated aseptic robotsThe new DENSO VP-G2 six-axis articulated aseptic robots offer Class 100 cleanroom performance in a space-saving, ultracompact design. Anodized aluminum coverings, a protective outer coating and specially sealed joints allow the robots to be safely cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, enabling them to be used in applications where biocontamination control is required. Robot features include:

  • A reach of 432 mm.
  • Footprint of 200 mm in diameter.
  • Payload capacity of 2 kg.
  • Repeatability of ±0.02 mm.
  • Standard cycle time of 0.99 sec.
  • Motors that use a combined maximum of only 300 W of power.
  • Concealed electrical wiring and air lines to avoid interference with other equipment and facilitate integration.