NLB Saflex 2000NLB Corp. says that its semi-automated Saflex™ 2000 makes tube bundle cleaning more productive, typically cleaning 4 times as many tubes in a given period as manual water jetting. Furthermore, the system offers:

  • The power to clean 2 tubes at once, on both the in and out strokes. 
  • A coverage rating of up to 2 feet per second (0.6 m/second) and operational pressures up to 40,000 PSI (2,800 BAR). 
  • Easy operation — simply position the flex lances at the tube openings and push buttons on the hand lance to feed them in and out.
  • The flexibility to automatically position the lances with an optional X-Y positioner, using wireless controls that let the operator stand well clear of the action.
  • The capacity to clean tubes from 4 to 15 mm in diameter with a simple hose change. 
  • Adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate tube bundles of different lengths.