IMI Sensors's Series 686B USB Programmable Smart Vibration SwitchIMI Sensors recently announced ATEX approval of the company’s Series 686B USB Programmable Smart Vibration Switch, designed for continuous protection of cooling towers, fin fans, pumps, HVAC systems and other critical machinery operated in hazardous areas. According to the company, the vibration switch:

  • Is hermetically sealed.
  • Mounts with a single stud.
  • Includes an embedded piezoelectric accelerometer for accurate measurement.
  • Monitors vibration velocity for more consistent results.
  • Provides the reliability not found in mechanical switches.
  • Offers a remote reset capability, and USB programmable threshold and time delays to avoid false trips.
  • Is a drop-in replacement for most popular mechanical vibration switches, since it only requires two wires and can replace legacy switches without the need for additional cable runs.