Kaman Sensing SystemsKaman Precision Products now offers a line of sensors and systems that provide precise non-contact position/displacement feedback in the most hostile of environments. These inductive-based displacement sensing systems further deliver:

  • Continuous operation from -320° to 1,000°F and short-term operation up to 1,200°F. 
  • Inconel construction to withstand highly corrosive gas or liquid environments.
  • A dual-coil sensor to minimize thermal and radiation effects.
  • Compensation for constant and slowly changing temperatures from -320° to 77°F or 77° to 1,000°F.
  • Resistance to contaminants such as oil, dirt, radiation, and stray radio frequency and magnetic fields.
  • Sealed, all laser-welded Inconel housings and metal-jacketed, mineral-insulated cable. Availability of single- and multiple-channel systems in NEMA or bench-top/rack-mount Euro-format enclosures. 
  • These capability to measure steam turbine shaft runout in nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel rod vibration, and shaft vibration/runout in rocket engine liquid fuel pumps, chemical processes, research projects and high-temperature processing.