ProSoft Industrial Hotspot SeriesProSoft Technology now supports the Industrial Hotspot Series of radios in conjunction with Sweet William Automation’s new ScadaMobile application for the iPhone/iPod platform. The application grants:

  • The power to provide engineers with access to live process control variables.
  • The ability to monitor variables in real time, and modify data remotely and on the fly from an iPhone.
  • A secure wireless interface between an iPhone device and an existing 802.11 wireless network on the plant floor, effectively allowing an iPhone to read Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP process control variables from programmable logic controllers.
  • The display of live values in stylized lists, in addition to user-established variance allowances and real-time alarms.
  • Cumulative security features to prevent unauthorized access to the network.
  • Certification for hazardous environments and optimization for plant-wide network integration.