S+S SANICONS+S Inspection presents its SANICON high-performance metal detection system to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metallic contamination whether or not it is enclosed within a packed product. Furthermore, the SANICON delivers:

  • Advanced detection coil technology using multi-frequency, 2-channel techniques to achieve the best sensitivity to all types of metals.
  • The combination of a Genius+ control unit using digital signal processing and quartz-stabilized search frequencies with microprocessor control to permit precise matching to the demands of specific applications. 
  • Product effect compensation with auto-learn, self-monitoring, auto-balancing and temperature compensation as standard. 
  • A standard control unit that may be configured to match more than 200 standard aperture sizes.
  • Non-volatile memory to store multiple product specifications to simplify product changeover.
  • Password-protected machine parameters. 
  • An EMC filter to suppress external electromagnetic interference.
  • An open-aperture and easy-to-disassemble design without harborage areas to facilitate wash-through. 
  • Suitability for the domestic food industry for goods-in, in-process and end-of-line applications.
  • IFS and HACCP compliance.