Wilden OriginalWilden® has launched its Original™ Series T2 metal air-operated double-diaphragm pumps with the performance versatility necessary for use in various wastewater applications, such as the removal of solids that are delivered to the cutting plate during manufacturing operations. These 1-inch (25-mm) Original pumps additionally offer:

  • Flow rates to 35 GPM (132 LPM) and pressures up to 125 PSI (8.6 BAR).
  • Maximum suction-lift capabilities of 17 feet (5.18 m) for dry products and 31 feet (9.45 m) for wet products.
  • The power to handle solids with 1/8-inch (3-mm) diameters.
  • Aluminum wetted housings, water chambers and manifolds, while non-wetted housings are constructed of brass and aluminum.
  • The company’s Turbo-Flo™ air-distribution system, which only operates on differential pressure, meaning there are no mechanical trip rods, bearings or springs that can wear or need repair.
  • An externally serviceable air valve that is attached to the air-distribution system’s center block, which houses specialized Glyd™ ring seals; built-in air valve tolerances allow for the passage of some moisture and air line particulates, thereby permitting free movement of the air valve.
  • Elastomer options that include Buna-N® and Neoprene.