Ludeca VibxpertLUDECA introduces VIBXPERT II, the latest addition to the PRUEFTECHNIK family of portable route-based vibration data collectors. VIBXPERT II combines the advantages of a rapid processor with a brilliant and energy-efficient color VGA display. The VIBXPERT II Basic platform is a 1-channel device that can be upgraded at any time to 2 individually configured channels via a special passcode — it’s user upgradable and does not require hardware changes. Other features include:

  • The power to collect and store all forms of machine vibrations, bearing conditions, process data and visual inspection information on an expandable compact flash card (up to 8 gigabyte) for report generation or for later transfer to the powerful OMNITREND® software for further analysis, reporting and archiving.
  • The ability to capture and easily analyze all machinery problems on the large color screen.
  • An easy-to-use icon-driven platform that offers comprehensive analysis for the diagnosis of simple or very complex vibration problems.
  • Capabilities that consist of order spectrum, phase, cepstrum, cross-channel phase, orbits, run-up and coast-down measurements, bump test, negative averaging and more.
  • Analysis tools, such as various cursor types, machine-specific frequency markers, signal post processing and extensive bearing databases, for evaluating each spectrum.
  • Alarm notifications — based on ISO standards or user-defined standards — that are visually identified with colored LEDs.
  • Modular functionality, such as dynamic field balancing, extended time waveform recording, transient data capture, UFF file export, Modal/ODS support and more.