GF Piping Systems' 514-519 high flow diaphragm valve seriesGF Piping Systems has introduced the type 514-519 high flow diaphragm valve series, a weir-style valve that features:

  • An optimized, turbulence-free flow geometry for significantly increased flow rate performance and lower energy consumption.
  • Cv values double the traditional design with values ranging from 3.9 to 116.8, depending on size and end connection.
  • Linear flow and control characteristics that improve processing stability, resulting in reduced operating costs and more cost-effective media transport.
  • PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF and ABS body materials in sizes 1/2-2” (with larger sizes available in the 314-319 series).
  • Diaphragms made from EPDM, PTFE, FPM and NBR.
  • True union, spigot, flanged and zero static end connections.