Watson-Marlow DAFPA peristaltic fillingWatson-Marlow can now combine its precise Flexicon peristaltic filling technology with DAFPA™ — a ready-to-use fully disposable aseptic fluid path. According to the company, Flexicon’s peristaltic single-use fluid path is ideal for clinical-scale aseptic filling, while the equipment also boasts: 

  • Product contact that is restricted to a gamma-irradiated single-use fluid path.
  • The elimination of the possibility of contamination from direct contact with equipment or moving parts. 
  • Fast and easy cleaning validations, product changeovers and setup, thus increasing filling machine versatility for multiple filling campaigns.
  • Accommodations for a range of fill volumes and vial sizes simply by selecting an appropriate tube diameter. 
  • Media bags available in 2-, 5- and 10-liter volume sizes. 
  • Availability of assembly customization to suit specific filling needs.