Intelligrated Alvey robotic armIntelligrated® recently unveiled the Alvey® Robotic Retrofit Program for its family of Alvey in-line case palletizers. The program includes installation of one or more jointed-arm robots to create a hybrid palletizer that combines robotic flexibility and repeatability, with the speed and reliability of conventional palletizer layer deposition. The company says that other benefits include:

  • On-site retrofitting by removing the slat divider and existing case turners from the Alvey in-line case palletizer, and installing one or two robotic arms for pattern forming.
  • Your choice of robotic arm OEM and operating software.
  • Design and manufacturing of end-of-arm tooling, operator interface terminal screens, an infeed conveyor and PLC programming.
  • Reduced packaging without compromising the integrity of the finished product.
  • Packaging rates in excess of 100 cases per minute.
  • Gentler positioning and rotation of product.
  • Automatic line changeovers.
  • Pattern-changing flexibility.
  • Eextended operational life.