National Bulk bulk bag-filling systemAccording to National Bulk Equipment, its complete NBE bulk bag-filling process system incorporates:

  • Automated filled-bag accumulation conveyors that enable a single operator to process up to twenty 4,500-pound bulk bags per hour or 90,000 pounds of dry bulk material per hour.
  • A bag densification platform that uses high-speed, low-intensity vibration to settle material in the bag to a dense, stable and safe load.
  • NTEP-certified weigh systems for accurate and repeatable bulk bag weighing to an accuracy of ±0.01 percent.
  • The elimination of over- and under-filled bag rework, thereby reducing material loss.
  • Automated pallet introduction and material supply metering.
  • A single menu-driven HMI to centralize system-wide operations.
  • UL-listed panels to direct all equipment controls, communication, sensing, monitoring, and data reporting.
  • A cantilevered fill head/bag hanger carriage that pneumatically brings the fill head and rear bag hooks to well within the operator’s reach.
  • A physical ergonomic design to maintain optimal operator posture for safe and efficient operation.
  • Reduced material loss, increased overall equipment effectiveness, and dramatically improved labor efficiency and safety.