Triple S T-20 SeparatorsTriple/S Dynamics recently launched its T-20 separator, which feeds material onto a flat porous deck that is sloped in 2 directions. Low-pressure air is forced through the deck to fluidize and stratify the material bed. A vibrating action is then applied to the deck to convey the heavier particles, which have sunk to the bottom of the material bed, up the inclination of the deck. Meanwhile, lighter particles are suspended in the rising airflow and slide down the slope of the deck. According to the company, this gravity separator further boasts:

  • Continuous gradation of material from the densest, largest particles to the lightest, smallest particles.
  • Adjustable diverters (installed in the discharge chutes) that are set to split off light or dense materials, often with a mixed “middlings” fraction for retreatment.
  • 20 square feet of separation surface.
  • The inclusion of an integral supply air blower, exhaust hood and slide-out deck panel. 
  • Optimal separation performance in a compact, economical design.
  • Simplified and rugged controls to ensure machine settings are trouble-free and drift-free.