Misumi factory frame systemMisumi introduces its new factory frame systems, while adding a stainless steel pipe system to its existing family of metal pipe systems. Both systems are fully configurable, offering users a convenient, cost-effective option for creating a wide array of temporary and permanent storage units, mobile conveyors and other equipment. More specifically, the factory frame and pipe system provides:

  • The capability to design, configure and assemble units to meet your exact application requirements.
  • A single purchase order with all components included and delivery within a short period of time. 
  • An aluminum alloy composition to improve the squareness at assembly by setting the frame dents securely in the joint tabs. 
  • The flexibility to make fine adjustments to each separate frame without disturbing adjacent or completed frames.
  • A clear anodized surface finish. 
  • A range of aluminum alloy joints in various configurations.
  • Availability of accessory parts, such as saddles, inner caps, adjusting bolt sets and casters, and more. 

In contrast, the new stainless steel pipe products feature:

  • 430 stainless steel construction. 
  • A wide range of structural steel joints in various configurations (including orthogonal, 4-directional orthogonal, 4-directional parallel, 5- and 6-direction, cross-type and free) for assembly. 
  • Availability of additional accessory parts, such as inner caps, insert nuts, adjusting bolt sets and casters.