GE DPI620 HART communicatorThe hand-held DPI620 advanced multifunction calibrator/HART® communicator from GE Sensing & Inspection is now approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres by Baseefa, a British certification body. The Baseefa approval carries both ATEX and IECEx certification, allowing the instrument to be employed globally in Zone 0 areas. The certification also extends to the instrument’s battery pack, thus permitting hot swapping within hazardous locations. The multifunction calibrator/HART® communicator additionally grants:

  • The benefit of using a single instrument for configuration, commissioning, maintenance and calibration.
  • Windows CE support, providing standard Windows applications and file management, while offering the computing power to view PDF files and JPEG images, such as loop diagrams, data sheets, safety procedures, spreadsheets and text document creation.
  • A complete HART library of registered HART device descriptions.
  • Device description and software upgrades, which may be downloaded free-of-charge from the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies website.
  • On-board pressure generation from vacuum to 100 BAR pneumatic or 0 to 1,000 BAR hydraulic, with accuracies from 0.005 percent full scale.
  • A bright, organic liquid crystal display with an excellent view at a wide range of angles, and in virtually all lighting conditions.
  • A rugged, compact design that’s weather-proofed to IP65.
  • Compliance with IS certification.