Misumi suction cupsMisumi has expanded its family of suction cups, which can accommodate a host of automated processes within the industrial plant, including manufacturing, assembly, conveying, testing and inspection. Their rugged suction cup fittings are made of brass with electroless nickel plating, and can be ordered in different shapes, configurations and mounting types. Pad material options consist of nitrile rubber, conductive silicon rubber, fluoro-rubber and chloroprene rubber, with choices depending on which version is ordered. This product line expansion has made room for the following:

  • Standard suction cups for adsorption on flat work pieces.
  • Deep suction cups for round objects.
  • Sponge suction cups for irregular surfaces.
  • Soft suction cups for adsorption with minimal scratching on work pieces.
  • Bellows suction cups for soft work surfaces, such as vinyl.
  • Soft bellows suction cups for more delicate materials, such as paper.
  • Oval suction cups for work requiring several small pads.
  • Thin object suction cups for conveying thin, paper-like objects, such as vinyl.