Larox automatic pressure filtersOne of the most critical steps in the biofuel production process is the solid-liquid separation, as it can have a huge influence on how competitive a particular technology will be. Larox provides a wide range of solid-liquid separation solutions for the production of ligno-cellulosic biofuels, primarily for the isolation of lignin and other non-sugar convertible components of the feedstock from the cellulose and hemi-cellulose components. The company provides solutions for:

  • Enzymic hydrolysis.
  • Strong acid hydrolysis.
  • Weak acid hydrolysis.
  • Solvent based de-lignification processes.
  • De-lignification of black liquor (Kraft process).
  • Fermentation processes.

As there are many different ways of separating cellulose and hemi-cellulose from the lignins, there is a range of equipment for solid-liquid separation. The chart below provides a basic overview. For more information visit

Biofuel filtration equipment chart