PAS PlantState SuiteAccording to PAS, its recently released PlantState Suite, V. 6.5, is the most comprehensive alarm management and control loop optimization software on the market, thereby enabling better plant safety and productivity. The PlantState Suite additionally:

  • Audits and enforces control system parameters when a preconfigured event occurs, thus providing a mechanism for proving the proper execution of control and safety-instrumented system shutdown routines.
  • Acquires the necessary audit information automatically, precluding the need to manually prove the functionality at a subsequent time or during an audit.
  • Incorporates change management as an important factor in safety lifecycle management.
  • Integrates with PAS Integrity™ software, which maps and tracks the configuration of the industry’s major control and safety instrumented systems.
  • Permits users to access control strategies and change management details in the context of any alarm or event with a single click for faster and more accurate troubleshooting.
  • Demonstrates good practice in accordance with process safety standards IEC 61511 and ISA 84, and compliance with the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 rule for plants handling highly hazardous chemicals.