Hyster E30-40HSD2 Series Lift TrucksHyster Co. introduces its E30-40HSD2 Series 3-wheel electric stand-up lift trucks, which deliver:

  • Lifting capacities from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds.
  • Suspended floor plates with anti-fatigue mats to absorb and reduce the transmission of vibration and shock to the operator by 25 percent.
  • Multi-function control handles.
  • Several productivity-enhancing features, such as the low-effort hydraulic control and optional integral sideshift.
  • A flex-stance operator compartment with controls that are positioned to allow a side or 45° stance to maximize comfort, efficiency and visibility.
  • A contoured wrap-around padded backrest with integrated thigh and knee pads.
  • A tight turning radius for significant maneuverability that eases stacking in limited spaces and congested loading bays.
  • A dual-steering wheel for a smoother, more stable ride.
  • A grid-style pattern of the overhead guard to enhance visibility while protecting operators.
  • Top and front console covers made of durable, crack-resistant ABS polymer.
  • Large storage areas for operator convenience.
  • Brushless AC traction and hydraulic motors, which are powered by transistor controls.

Greenville, NC