TankScan® remote level-monitoring systemThe TankScan® remote level monitoring system gathers tank-level data via micropower impulse radar (MIR), a low-power radar system utilizing very short electromagnetic pulses across a wide band of frequencies. The system:

  • Uses no moving parts or high-tech materials.
  • Uses battery power to ensure that the measurement device is intrinsically safe and suitable for use with petroleum products and chemicals, including combustible liquids.
  • Can be mounted on top of above- or below-ground tanks.
  • Has sensors that generate low-energy electromagnetic impulses that travel down a thin probe immersed in the fluid.
  • Uses a MIR monitor, which can be used in tanks up to 40 feet high with no limitations on tank width or volume.
  • Is unaffected by vapors that may be present in the tank.
  • Accurately measures levels to within 0.3” or 0.5 percent of probe length.
  • Can monitor levels of multiple tanks and send data without any need for wires or cables.
  • Includes a receiver/controller unit and a data-management software package.